Alcresta, Inc.

( SDA Ventures reviewed, analyzed and helped Alcresta modify its go-to-market strategy for its lead product candidate.  Alcresta is a leading medical nutrition company leveraging its proprietary platform to develop and commercialize a broad range of innovative, point-of-care, enzyme-based products designed to improve health and manage disease through better nutrition.

MyCell Technologies

( Omega ( SDA Ventures provides strategic advisory services to MyCell, and its subsidiary, Oceans Omega. Steve Dubin, Principal of SDA, also serves on the board of MyCell. Mycell Technologies is an ingredients and technology company that develops proprietary liquid formulations of stable, highly concentrated Omega-3s for use in food, beverage, medical and nutritional products. Oceans Omega LLC is a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Mycell Technologies LLC. Oceans Omega is a leading supplier of water‐soluble Omega‐3s EPA and DHA ingredients for the fortification of food and beverage products and delivers a range of superior Omega3s EPA and DHA ingredient solutions, enabling novel, shelf‐stable, tasty consumer products such as clear beverages, gelatins, gels, liquid nutritional shots, add‐to‐water concentrates as well as pet care products. READ PRESS RELEASE


SDA Ventures is engaged by Nitromega to help it develop commercialization strategies for its products. Nitromega is an early-stage technology company working with activated fatty acids.

NOX Technologies, Inc.

SDA Ventures was engaged to evaluate the financial condition of NOX and help NOX to evaluate its strategic alternatives. The engagement was successfully completed, resulting in the sale of NOX to NuSkin Enterprises, Inc. NOX Technologies was a biotechnology and biodiagnostic company focused on the identification, characterization and detection of cell surface proteins relating to aging. Through its research and development efforts, NOX Technologies identified agents that interact with age-related ECTO-NOX proteins (arNOX). arNOX proteins are a class of external NADH oxidase or ECTO-NOX proteins that are believed to reside on the external portion of cell membranes. arNOX is a unique enzymatic protein that is believed to generate superoxide at the cell surface, and superoxide has been proposed as a major cause of skin aging. READ PRESS RELEASE

Paine & Partners

( SDA Ventures works with Paine & Partners to identify and execute investment opportunities in the global human and animal food and nutritional products industries. Paine & Partners is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in food and agribusiness companies globally where addressing complexity and developing creative solutions for sellers creates value through management buyouts, take private transactions and company expansion and growth programs.  READ PRESS RELEASES:
(1) Advisory Relationshio with SDA (2) Investment in QC Corporation

Technology Crops International

( SDA Ventures was engaged by Technology Crops International (TCI) to assist TCI in evaluate go-to-market strategies for a new product. TCI is a global leader in the evaluation, development, commercialization and delivery (supply chain management) of new and high-value strategic oils from oilseed crops such as high erucic acid rapeseed, high oleic sunflower, meadowfoam, cuphea, lesquerella, camelina and echium. The company offers a full spectrum of expert services in specialty crop contracting and serves the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, specialty nutrition, and medical foods industries. With offices in the U.S. and the U.K., TCI supplies customers around the world with safe, sustainable, traceable, and cost-competitive crop-derived products.

The UCAN Company

( SDA is retained by UCAN to help the company evaluate its strategic priorities and accelerate the commercialization of its products. UCAN holds the worldwide exclusive license to the use, in consumer nutrition, of Superstarch, the revolutionary energy-sustaining carbohydrate powering Generation UCAN’s sports energy drinks. UCAN’s products are scientifically proven, healthy energy products that enhance performance, sustain energy and burn fat by utilizing both carbs and fat for dual fuel.