About SDA


TACSDA Ventures LLC is focused on assisting emerging growth and middle-market companies, primarily in the health & wellness and nutritional products markets, on matters including corporate development, business acquisition, customer relations, growth strategies and corporate finance.

Our goal is simple, to support companies that support the overall physical wellness of their communities.  These companies create products that strengthen, enrich, enhance and supports good health and long life for consumer.  Simply put, we believe that good health creates a better world for everyone.      .

Since inception, we have been exclusively focused on health focused sustainable living products that promote good health and long life.

Our Approach

SDA works with its clients in a number of ways, including: corporate development, marketing advisory, growth strategy, acquisition advisory and financial strategy. As a whole, we bring our deep experience, contacts and other resources to bear to help companies scale and grow. Outside of our core team, our expanded network of friends, colleagues, industry leaders and others offer deep insights and value to our clients.
As an entrepreneur or business owner, we believe in providing you assistance where needed and allowing you to have the autonomy needed to truly grow your business. Though helpful, we strive not to be meddlesome with the understanding that you and your team are working relentlessly to execute your core business objectives and scale the company. If done correctly, we all win in the end.

Submit a Packet

For consideration, submit a plan packet that includes the following:

  • Brief History of the Company
  • Market Analysis and Competition Summary
  • Product or Service Description
  • Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Resumes of Key Management
  • Current Financial Statements and Projections
  • Investment Size Sought
  • Contact Information (Including Phone and Email Address)

Before submitting, please be sure your product or service is in alignment with our Sector Focus. We do not sign NDAs. It may take up to four weeks for us to get back to you because as we review in detail the information you submit.

Please submit information via email: info@sdaventures.com