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Sample SDA Clients

SDA Ventures reviewed, analyzed and helped Alcresta modify its go-to-market strategy for its lead product candidate.  Alcresta is a leading medical nutrition company leveraging its proprietary platform to develop and commercialize a broad range of innovative, point-of-care, enzyme-based products designed to improve health and manage disease through better nutrition. Steve Dubin, Principal of SDA, also serves on Alcresta’s Board of Directors.



SDA Ventures assists Amazentis in negotiating license agreements for their technology, as well as giving advice regarding influencer marketing and other strategic advisory services. Amazentis is a pioneering life sciences company who has launched Mitopure™, a highly pure form of Urolithin A, clinically proven to help counter age-associated cellular decline and improve muscle strength.


SDA Ventures was engaged to evaluate the financial condition of NOX and help NOX to evaluate its strategic alternatives. The engagement was successfully completed, resulting in the sale of NOX to NuSkin Enterprises, Inc. NOX Technologies was a biotechnology and biodiagnostic company focused on the identification, characterization and detection of cell surface proteins relating to aging. Through its research and development efforts, NOX Technologies identified agents that interact with age-related ECTO-NOX proteins (arNOX). arNOX proteins are a class of external NADH oxidase or ECTO-NOX proteins that are believed to reside on the external portion of cell membranes. arNOX is a unique enzymatic protein that is believed to generate superoxide at the cell surface, and superoxide has been proposed as a major cause of skin aging. READ PRESS RELEASE

NOX Technologies, Inc.

SDA Ventures works with Paine Schwartz Partners to identify and execute investment opportunities in the global human and animal food and nutritional products industries. Paine Schwartz Partners is a private equity firm specializing in sustainable food chain investing, with a differentiated focus on the global food and agribusiness sectors.

READ PRESS RELEASES: (1) Advisory Relationship with SDA (2) Investment in QC Corporation

Paine Schwartz

SDA Ventures was engaged by Technology Crops International (TCI) to assist TCI in evaluate go-to-market strategies for a new product. TCI is a global leader in the evaluation, development, commercialization and delivery (supply chain management) of new and high-value strategic oils from oilseed crops such as high erucic acid rapeseed, high oleic sunflower, meadowfoam, cuphea, lesquerella, camelina and echium. The company offers a full spectrum of expert services in specialty crop contracting and serves the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, specialty nutrition, and medical foods industries. With offices in the U.S. and the U.K., TCI supplies customers around the world with safe, sustainable, traceable, and cost-competitive crop-derived products.

Tech Crops

SDA was originally retained by UCAN to help the company evaluate its strategic priorities and accelerate the commercialization of its products. Currently, SDA works with UCAN on a variety of business matters. In addition, Steve Dubin, Principle of SDA, served on UCAN’s Board of Directors from June 2018 through December 2022. UCAN delivers smarter energy powered by SuperStarch®, a slow-release complex carbohydrate that uniquely delivers steady, long-lasting energy by utilizing both carbs and fat for dual fuel.



SDA provides strategic and commercial advisory services to Noblegen. In addition, David Abramson, Principal of SDA, serves on Noblegen’s Board of Directors. Noblegen Inc. is an advanced ingredients company dedicated to developing cost-effective, naturally-derived ingredients for the human nutrition industry. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Noblegen utilizes a proprietary fermentation platform that combines proven industrial methods with its non-GMO “Facilitated Expression” technique to commercially cultivate microorganisms. This platform allows for the development of innovative and sustainably sourced lipids and proteins. Lipids range from omega-3 rich alternatives to fish oil to an ecologically sensitive substitute for palm oil. Noblegen offers fermented non-animal proteins with a complete amino acid profile and superior bioavailability.


SDA Ventures provided strategic advisory services to Persona. David Abramson, Principal of SDA, also served on Persona’s Board of Directors. Persona, an online subscription service, is reinventing how we buy supplements by using researched science, an online nutrition assessment and proprietary algorithm to deliver uniquely personalized daily vitamin packs.


SDA Ventures was engaged by i-Health to provide strategic advisory services. i-Health, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of DSM Nutritional Products, is a leading global consumer packaged goods company dedicated to finding new ways to enhance the health and wellness of people everywhere. Leveraging strong science and quality ingredients to meet the needs of consumers across microbiome health, healthy aging and women’s health, i-Health develops, markets and distributes branded products across the United States and internationally. Culturelle, Estroven and Azo are iHealth’s leading brands.


SDA Ventures provides business development, commercialization and strategic advice with Steve Dubin on the board of directors. Triton Algae Innovations, is a producer of sustainable plant-based protein from algal sources.

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